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It is expected that participants of PM Life will have at least a Masters Degree and some level of knowledge of Powder Metallurgy. If you would like to join the programme and do not have a masters degree, we will be happy to accept a statement from yourself or a letter of recommendation to take into consideration. Please select other in the question regarding education if this is the case.

Please select the correct rate and corresponding number of modules. If this is not correct EPMA reserve the right to contact you or send further invoices before your registration is confirmed

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Payments must be received by March 15th 2018 to ensure registration is complete. After this time spaces, prices and hotel reservations cannot be guaranteed. After pressing process registration, our accounting team will create an invoice which will be emailed to the email address you have provided. Please ensure you pay before March 15th - our payment details will be listed on the bottom of the invoice.

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