Press and Sinter (sometimes called conventional processing) is the basic procedure for the manufacture of PM parts. It includes mixing the metal powder or powders with a suitable lubricant and then loading the mixture into a die or mould and applying pressure. This gives what is called a compact which are referred to as green, meaning unsintered: hence the terms green density and green strength. The part will have sufficient cohesion to enable it to be handled safely and transferred to the next stage which is heating. This is usually in a protective atmosphere, at a temperature below the melting point of the main constituent so that the powder particles weld together and confer sufficient strength to the object for the intended use.

For more information on Press and Sinter, EPMA has a short introduction here.

Date: June 25-29, 2018
Grenoble, France

Academic Partner: Grenoble INP
Industrial Partner:
Sintertech, CEA





25 June

Introduction to Powder Metallurgy and Press & Sinter

Didier Bouvard, Grenoble INP


Fundamentals of pressing

Didier Bouvard, Grenoble INP


Modelling of pressing

Luc Federzoni, CEA


Practical pressing of steels

Vincent Bonnefoy, Sintertech


Numerical design of parts and tools for pressing

Vincent Bonnefoy, Sintertech


Pressing machines

Guillermo Polo, Osterwalder


Horizontal Course: Materials selection

Luc Salvo, Grenoble INP

26 June

Fundamentals of sintering

Jean-Michel Missiaen, Grenoble INP


Liquid phase sintering

Jean-Marc Chaix, Grenoble INP


Field-assisted sintering

Jean-Marc Chaix, Grenoble INP


Sintering and post-sintering treatment of steels

Philippe François, Rio Tinto


Sintering Furnaces

Johannes Uhlig, Mahler


A novel system for successive sintering and thermal treatment

Emmanuel Pauty, ECM


Modelling of sintering

Didier Bouvard, Grenoble INP


Mechanical properties of sintered steels

Guillaume Champion, Högänas

27 June

Lab Work


28 June

Team projects: PM material and process design


Visit of Sintertech plant


29 June

Horizontal Course: Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Jean-Charles Guibert, CEA


Press & Sinter processing of hard materials

Jean-François Lartigue, Eurotungstene


A novel route for net shape processing of medium-voltage electrical contacts

Sophie Roure, Schneider Electric


Report of team projects




Debriefing of the Week and Closure


Other Modules