Metal injection moulding (MIM) has over the past decade established itself as a competitive manufacturing process for small precision components which would be costly to produce by alternative methods. It is capable of producing in both large and small volumes, complex shapes and from almost all types of materials including metals, ceramics, intermetallic compounds, and composites.

Metal injection moulding (MIM) is a development of the traditional powder metallurgy (PM) process and is rightly regarded as a branch of that technology. When using traditional processing powder is compacted in a mould which then has to be ejected which means parts with undercuts or projections at right angles to the pressing direction cannot be made directly. That limitation is substantially removed by the metal injection moulding process developed during the last decade and now expanding rapidly.

For more information on Metal Injection Moulding, EPMA has a short introduction here.

Date: September 10-14, 2018
Madrid, Spain

Academic Partner: University Carlos III
Industrial Partner:
Mim Tech Alfa





10 September

Introduction to the Training Week

Antonia Jimenez-Morales (Gtp, Uc3m)


Introduction PM /PIM



Materials Characterisation

Eugenia Rabanal (Uc3m)


Development/Optimisation of the Feedstocks

Antonia Jimenez-Morales (Gtp, Uc3m)



Elena Gordo (Gtp.Uc3m)



Mónica Campos (Gtp, Uc3m)


Horizontal Subject: Team Working

Guillermo Ballenato (Uc3m)

11 September


Javier Hidalgo García (Tudelf)



Carolina Bajo Clemente (Cern)


Parts Design Criteria

Oscar Lopez  (Mim-Alfa)


Mold Design Criteria

Oscar Lopez  (Mim-Alfa


Horizontal Subject: Intellectual Property & Innovation

Susana De Dios Sinovas (Gtp, Uc3m)


Intellectual Property & Innovation


Team Work - Case Studies Related to Several Parts Made By PIM

Paula Alvaredo (Gtp,Uc3m)

12 September

Laboratory Work

Antonia Jimenez-Morales Y Sandra Cifuentes Cuellas (Gtp, Uc3m)


Plant Tour – Group One - Mim Tech Alfa


13 September

Plant Tour – Group Two - Mim Tech Alfa


Laboratory Work

Antonia Jimenez-Morales Y Sandra Cifuentes Cuellas (Gtp, Uc3m)

14 September


Arburg Confirmation Pending



Bruno Vicenzi Confirmation Pending


Future Developments: Additive Manufacturing

Sofia Tsipas (Gtp, Uc3m)


Exam Group 1 Presentations Teams Work


Exam Group 2 Presentations Teams Work


Debriefing of the Week and Closure



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