The PM-LIFE Technology Course on hardmetals, from this year not together with the Powders topic, is aimed at providing both theoretical background and practical experience on this type of materials. The lectures will cover analysis of raw materials, milling mixing procedures, compaction and sintering along with standard and non-standard characterization techniques (thermal analysis, mechanical properties, microstructure, residual stresses, etc). 

As for the other courses, the Fundamentals part will be carried out online over 3 days from 5th to 7th October, while the Practice part will take place again in 3 days at CEIT San Sebastián, Spain, from 8th to 10th November. 



Fundamentals: 5-7 October 2021       Practise: 8-10 November 2021
San Sebastián, Spain

Fees*: EPMA Member €1400 / Non-Member €1800 / Academic €900 / Individual (unemployed) €500

* VAT will apply for Individual registrations

 Registration Deadline: 28 September 2021


Fundamentals - Online:

Tuesday 5 October 2021

Welcome and introduction to hardmetals

Powders for hardmetals: Synthesis and processing prior to shaping

Dr. J. Poetschke

Shaping of hard materials: Injection moulding, extrusion

Shaping of hard materials: uniaxial and cold isostatic pressing

Prof. J.M. Sanchez

Wednesday 6 October 2021

Sintering of hardmetals

Prof. A. Senos

Hardmetal joining methods

Dr. S. Moseley

Additive manufacturing of hardmetals
Coatings for hardmetals

Alternative hard materials: cermets, alternative binder phases

Prof. E. Gordo

Microstructural characterization of hardmetals

Dr. K. Mingard

Thursday 7 October 2021

Mechanical properties of hardmetals: hardness, toughness, strength

Prof. L. Llanes

Mechanical properties of hardmetals: wear

Fatigue and corrosion in hardmetals

Prof. L. Llanes

Hardmetals for machining operations

Hardmetal tools for metal shaping: residual stresses

Prof. J.M. Sanchez

Hardmetal tools for corrosive environments

Practise - Onsite:


Monday 8 November 2021

Welcome and briefing for HM training work

WC and Co powder characterization: particle size distribution (laser scattering), chemical analyses (ICP, IR spectrometry), microscopy (SEM)
Preparation of WC-Co powder mixtures: milling mixing
Compaction: Pressing at 160 and 250 MPa. Characterization of compacts
Visit CEIT-BRTA facilities
Social event in the Old Part of San Sebastian city
Tuesday 9 November 2021


Vacuum sintering practice
Metallographic preparation
Optical microscopy
Characterization: Density, Hardness and Palmqvist toughness
Wednesday 10 November 2021

Scanning electron microscopy: Microstructural characterization I

Scanning electron microscopy: Microstructural characterization II
Special techniques: EBSD, Nanoindentation, Residual stresses
Exam feedback, certificates and farewell



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